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The Alabama Accountability Act


A.  Tax Credit

This initiative allows parents to receive a tax credit for transferring their student(s) from a failing public school to a non-failing public school.  This credit applies regardless of income.


B.  Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund

This scholarship fund is created to empower financially challenged parents by providing tuition for their student(s) to attend  non-failing private schools or church schools.  Proof of income is required to receive the tuition scholarshps.  Parents are free to select the private school of their choice, which includes church schools.  As long as funds remain available, parents with students in grades K-12 can keep their student in a non-public school.


C.  AA-YP, Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund, & Scholarship for Kids

The American Academy for Young Professionals has met the State of Alabama requirements for being listed as a non-public school education option for parents whose children attend failing public schools.  Parents who are interested in a boutique academic enviornment that provides innovative approaches to individualized success in learning can contact the academy administrator.   For the academic school year, AA-YP will only admit twelve (12) students.  Only serious parents and students need to apply for admissions.   AA-YP creates pathways for academic and leadership advancement!  


Visit to review the Alabama Accountability ACT. 



Non Discrimination Clause

AA-YP does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), disability, in any of its activities or operations.

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