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AA-YP Advisory Board, does just that - Advise! 


They offer their advice, expertise, insight, and wisdom which helps to facilitate progressive and sustainable academic growth for this boutique model of education, which extends beyond middle and high school.  Our advisors comprise outstanding college and high school educators, as well as leaders with an array of credentials and expertises which makes them invaluable resources for AA-YP.   Two have served on SACS accrediting panels for K-12 schools, as well as colleges.  Their service has extended beyond advice to screening parents and students for admissions, teaching courses, and facilitating leadership events, as well as graduation speakers. 


"A wise man will heed wisdom and instructions, but a fool despises wisdom and instruction."



Dr. Richard Arrington, Jr

Advisor Since 2008

AA-YP Adjunct Lecturer


Teaching Experience: 

Miles College, UAB, Alabama State University, University of Oklahoma, and Harvard University



BS - Biology

Masters - Biology

Phd. - Zoology



Kevin G. Arrington

Superintendent/Advisor Since 2003


Administrative Experience: 

City of Birmingham - Dept. Head

Senior Pastor - Lifting Christ Worship Center



AA - Business Adminisration 

BS - Business Administration



Mr. Adam R.  Arrington

Advisor Since 2017-2019

AA-YP Adjunct Lecturer


Leadership/Business Training: 

Oral Roberts University



BS - Business Administration

Minor - Youth Ministry


Series 66 - Wealth Management

Series 7 - Wealth Management




Prayer Covers:
Mrs. Bereniece Lanier
Apostle Steven Green, Sr.
Adam Arrington
Justin Arrington


Dr. Rodney G. Brown

Advisor since 2006

AA-YP Adjunct Teacher/Lecturer


Teaching Experience:

Shelby County & Midfield School Systems; State of Alabama Certified K-12 Teacher




BS - Special Education

Masters - Special Education




Dr. Mildred D. Reed

Advisor Since 2003

AA-YP Adjunct Teacher/Lecturer


Teaching Experience: 

University of Oklahoma, Miles College, Birmingham Southern, Jefferson State Community College



BS - Vocal Performance

Masters - Music 

Masters - Public & Private Management 

Doctorate - Philosophy of Humane Letters




Dr. Michael Saltmarch

Advisor SInce 2015

Chairman, Since 2018

AA-YP Adjunct Teacher/

Lecturer/Internal Auditor


Finance/Law/Teaching Experience: 

Lawson State, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham School of Law, Corpus Christie Faith Church, Certified Private School  

K-12 Teacher



AA - Psychology 

BS - Criminal Justice

Juris Doctor Law Degree


Accounting/Tax Preparation




Agatha Jones

AA-YP External Auditor 

(Non-Board Member)


Principal Accountant

Jefferson County







Non Discrimination Clause

AA-YP does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), disability, in any of its activities or operations.

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