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Creating Pathways


This is our academy's website.  In developing this boutique academic concept and model, the chief objective continues to be the three-fold partnership - the institution, the parent(s), and the student(s).  It is imperative that all three partners work together harmoniously and give 100%.  Then this process is a great blessing to all, especially the student.  Defining the academic niche for this boutique academic model is an ongoing, unfolding and expanding model, which makes this academy so unique and exciting.  AA-YP can not be just another school, but an education center and resource that focuses on partnering with parents to create specific pathways which facilitate academic and leadership development, achievement, advancement, and success.  At AA-YP, our students must have a holistic education experience that comprises learning inside and outside the classroom.  Another objective is the empowerment of EACH student in their academics, personal character development, leadership, and talents.  Hence, this boutique academy must remain small enough to alter, create, and quickly redesign any academic process to foster individual student achievement, empowerment, and excelling.  Many students in America are getting left behind and many do not receive all possible education advantages when classes exceed twelve students per teacher.  Because AA-YP is boutique and only admits a small number of students, per grade level, each student can be educated as an individual and every part of their education track can be planned for the student's optimal benefit.  To me, AA-YP is integrating an old tradition of American education that our forefathers had, but with an innovative twist for a new generation of academic and technological learners.  I believe the AA-YP boutique system is anointed, simple, smart, uncomplicated, creative, innovative, and most importantly very effective for the students we serve today and in the future. There are so many wonderful academic pathways that have been developed and implemented for all kinds of academic and leadership growth and advancement opportunities for students.  Over half of AA-YP students graduated from high school one year early and 100% receive scholarships to college.  Having graduated, as of 2022, thirteen small classes to college, seeing how graduates have remained in college and in the fields of study that they declared during high school, and students receiving USA Presidential & Department of Education Awards proves that AA-YP's boutique model is implementing innovative and effective processes for academic and personal success.  As AA-YP continues to grow and evolve, by God's grace and power, the goal will be to continue to create excellent academic pathways and oppotunities for each student to develop their full capacity for success in education and beyond.  Frankly, AA-YP is the education center that  I wish I could have attended for middle and high school, because it is a breeding ground for individual academic achievement, advancement, and leadership development.  This boutique academy is all about creating pathways for STUDENT ACADEMIC ADVANCEMENT & OPPORTUNITIES FOR LEADERSHIP - from start to finish!  Please enjoy your online visit with AA-YP, and we hope you will become a part of this academic and leadership family! 




AA Education, BS Business

Administration, Master of  Science &

Technology, and Doctorate of

Divinity; Certified K-12 Teacher,

Certified K-12 School Administrator,

Certified Christian Counselor, IBM Certified in Artificial Intelligence,

and DeVos Certified in Urban &

Community Development 



Reading, Singing, Inventing,

Concept Developing, and

watching Turner Classic Movies

Serving Jesus & The NEXT Generation of Leaders,

Dr. Juliet L. Arrington

AA-YP Administrator

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