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Happy Birthday, AA-YP

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2023 Year Book

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2023 Year Book

Educating & Developing Leaders  
Psalms 91

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Graduation 2023

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View entire Class of 2023 Graduation Ceremony on YouTube:
Household of Faith Church, HFC Birmingham, AL Live Stream 

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Achievement & Advancement!

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Behind the scenes MMC Commercial Meeting

AA-YP Students Can Now Obtain Associate Degrees while in High School

AA-YP's Leadership Division will now include the Google Applied Digital Skills Curriculum for all grade levels. Technology is transforming what’s possible in schools—enabling innovative solutions to learning’s biggest barriers.  With Google's suite of devices, apps, and resources, AA-YP can bring more technology education to the classroom.  These digital tools will surely help nurture students in becoming responsible digital citizens, world explorers, and ambitious creators. 

AA-YP Juniors & Seniors are Getting
the Employment Advantage

Being January 8, 2018, AA-YP students who qualify will be eligible to take the five-week state and national workforce training and certification program, through Lawson State Community College.  This workforce program expands AA-YP program offers, as well as positions students for an additional diploma opportunity and other specialty credentials offered by AA-YP.  Upon successful completion of the five week program, students will receive the ACTS National Career Readiness Certificate and the AIDT (Alabama Industrial Development Training) Alabama Certified Worker Certificate.  Not only can students use their AIDT in the State of Alabama for employment purposes, but their national credential allows them to use it in any state in the country. Students names and certification numbers will be registered with the State of Alabama Employment Office, as well as state employment offices around the nation for employers to access.  Because of this training, employers will look at candidates with these credentials first in the job applicant pool.   What an EMPLOYMENT ADVANTANGE! Since coporations have sat at the negotiation table with colleges and state officials detailing to them what is necessary for employment with companies in the new econmy, state and national employment credentials will be as important, if not more important in some cases, than any level college degree.  No matter the career field chosen in college or even if a student seeks immediate employment, copies of these credentials attached to their high school transcript, as well as their resume, lets a  college or an employer know that this young leader is READY to WORK!!  


Two (2) Certifications:

AA-YP Logos:  

Academic Division & Leadership Division

AA-YP will be officially inaugurating it's new Academic Division Logo beginning this fall.    The current logo (on the right) will be used for the AA-YP Leadership Division, only.   The new design was created by professional graphics artist Nicholas Patterson of Atlanta, Georgia.  Several renderings were submitted; however, students and faculty agreed that this design is the official branding for the Academic Division.  The logo has serveral colorations for various uses, to include the black and white seen on the left. Developing a brand image for the world to see is very important for a young academy such as AA-YP.   We are very excited about what God is developing and implementing for this boutique education model.  


AA-YP Accredited with the Association of Christian Teachers and Schools (ACTS), NCPS, and AdvanceED/SACS 

Although Alabama church schools are not required to be accredited by any outside organization(s), AA-YP has met accreditation through ACTS - Association of Christian Teachers and Schools, the National Council of Private Schools, as well as with AdvancED/SACS.  We are excited that our unique and boutique education model has these credentials.  This is a hallmark accomplishment for this outstanding and innovative education program that specializes in creating pathways for each student to achieve and excel.  The Bible says that the steps of a good man are ordered of the Lord, and He delights in his way.  This principle can be applied to programs that are following the Spirit of God.  We thank the Lord that the Works of His Hands upon and with AA-YP.  

AA-YP 4-H Community Club

Students of AA-YP and across Birmingham have an after school 4-H program. After submitting pertinent paperwork and background checks, our administration was approved to be in partnership with 4-H Club sponsored by Alabama Extension through Alabama A&M and Auburn University.  This partnership is a great collaboration because of the shared vision of seeing students exposed to engaging and innovative opportunities to learn and develop into productive citizens and leaders.  Both the East & West locations can be used to serve students through 4-H Club. Families can enroll at  There is no cost to join.  

Ivy League Academic & Career Verified Certificates for AA-YP Students  

AA-YP is excited to incorporate into all its' divisions and program offers national and internation Ivy League Schools Varified Academic, Leadership, & Career Certificates for grades 8-12.  Beginning in the second semester of 2016, eligible students can begin taking these on-line courses. These courses are offered by some of the nation's top ivy league colleges and universities, as well as the best international colleges and universities.  AA-YP students will have the opportunity to take courses and obtain verified certificate credentials from universities like Harvard Univesity, Berkley University, MIT-Massachusettes Institute of Technology, Boston University, Princeton University, Dartmouth College, Cornell University, Columbia University (NY), Australian National University, Peking University, and The University of Hong Kong to name just a few.  AA-YP will also utilize courses as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics) courses for students.  Successful completion of these courses will also be used for high school credit and possibly a secondary applied diploma.  Courses will be offered year round for AA-YP students and students who dual enroll from other schools.  

It is certain that parent(s) who allow their student(s) to take these academic and career courses will enjoy the benefits of customizing their student's education success track, as well as placing them into an elite league of American students.  What a tremendous blessing and opportunity for parents and students.  


As AA-YP continues to create pathways for students to achieve and to advance, this program's addition to AA-YP instruction 

reinforces a solid foundation for entering college and opening tremendous doors for limitless possibilities in college, career, and beyond. Please call the AA-YP administrator for more information.  



 AA-YP Welcomes some of the world's top universities into our academic family!  

License Number AG12289652151

This education concept and community service club is designed for middle and high school students.  They will be trained to be effective communicators, coaches, and serve as mentors for their peers through public speaking.  COSMOS Club will meet once a month with professional speakers, motivational coaches, and college instructors to be trained and taught in the art of public speaking.  During the academic year, speaking events will be planned for students to serve students in schools, churches, youth groups, and other civic organizations.  


High school students can opt to receive community service hours and academic credits in public speaking, leadership development, and community service, as well as both.  However, all middle and high school students will receive community service hours and other club benefits.  AA-YP is excited about being able to offer this club and not to just AA-YP stuents, but to any student who wants to impact their peer group and world through public speaking, mentorship, and coaching.  This select group of students will impact their generation in ways that will be out of this world!  


COSMOS Club Summer Speakers Series begins in June 2019.  Student can apply, beginning May for admissions.  Only 25 students from the middle school level and 25 students from the high school level will be admitted into COSMOS Club Applications will be available to download by May 1st.  


COSMOS Club Fall Speakers Series begins in October 2018.  Applications will be available in September.  


USA & International Community/Organizations & Sports Clubs Receive High School Credit

AA-YP students in national and international organizations like Girl Scotts, Boy Scotts, Jack & Jill of America, People to People, or any such organization, please remember that your successful participation and leadership in these clubs can result in graduating with a certification in National and International Youth Communtiy Service.  AA-YP is one of very few schools in the country with a license to offer this credential.  Check to see if your youth group qualifies. 


For students who are participants in any reputable community sports program, dance troupe, theatrical troupe, art club, church choir, or any such activity, do not forget that these activities can count for high school credit.  If you are in some leadership position in a program, this is also factored into your leadership development grade.  See the administrator for all eligibility and details. 


At AA-YP, youth community involvement counts

as a leadership grade and is rewared!!!

Mentors and Internships

What a tremendous opportunity!!!  Parents take the lead in helping your student choose a mentor.  Please make sure that the mentor is selected based on the objectives setforth by AA-YP.   For the mentorship program to be effective, the mentor must be commited to share relevant career insights with the student and meet with the student each month throughout a semester or the entire year.  If mentors desire for students to attend meetings or conferences with them, students must have acceptable grades and attendance.  See the administrator for monthly Mentorship Forms.


Fall and spring internship weeks will be offered on an individual or group basis.  If parents are desiring to set-up their student's internship week, please see the administrator for approval.   Our internship partnership with Integrity Christian Academy remains available, so the administrator will setup those weeks.  The administrator will send the Intership Evaluations to any pre-determined site. 

Academic Employment Co-op Opportunity


This academic and employment opportunity can begin in the junior year of high school.  It allows high school students who work during the summer or during the school year to receive credit for their employment.  Seniors who are in excellent academic standing, may apply for an amended class schedule during their senior year.  These seniors, who qualify, will attend school three or four days a week instead of the traditional five days a week.  See the administrator for all details to see if you may qualify. 


AA-YP Summer Affiliate Program

BTS Summer Preparatory Learning Lab is the education outreach of AA-YP.  Since being grandfathered into the academy in 2007, the opportunity for summer learning has skyrocketed.  Parents have a viable and proven summer program to strengthen, advance, and accelerate their student's education for their next grade level and beyond.  Accredited on-line high school courses are available for credit or non-credit, high school AP courses for college, as well as career courses for certification.    

BTS Summer Preparatory Learning Lab

Happy Birthday

AA-YP Education Affiliates & Memberships

DeVos Urban Initiative Associate Education Program

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