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Tuition & Fees

A Smart & Rewarding Investment

AA-YP Application Fees

AA-YP Tuition & Activity Fees

No education in the United States is FREE!!!  Every working individual in this nation is paying for K-12 public education, through tax dollars.  What an honor to invest in students who may not be able to get a quality education otherwise, as well as helping to secure the nations's academic prowess and future. 


In private education, parents are seeking a school that fits their philosophy about education, as well as offers academic programs that prepare their student(s) for success in education and life.  These parent(s) are willing to pay a monthly tuition fee to have their student attend such a private school.  Thus at AA-YP, parents enroll their students into this academy because it fits their education philosophy and academic objectives for their student;  hence, they are willing to pay for the education. 


Since all students attend schools where money must be invested, then the focus must be a demand for quality education and successful results.  At AA-YP, the academic and leadership outcomes for students have been worth the investment.  Tuition paid for educating a student at this academy is smart and an extremely rewarding investment.  The bottomline is that investing in quality education is very smart and rewarding. 

AA-YP Academy Tuition per year

Grades 6 - 8:  $7,550

Grades 9 - 12:  $9,550


ActivityFee: $250 (Gr. 6-12)




Grades 6-8:  $125

Grades 9-12:  $135 (Cumulative GPA 3.00)

Grades 9-12:  $180 ( "        "  GPA below 3.00)





ABeka Academic Books:

Grades 6-8:  $335 (Prices can vary)

Grades 9-12:  $380 (Prices can vary)


Leadership Books:

Grades 6-12:  $135 (Prices can vary)


SAT Testing:

Grades 6-8:  $65.50  (Prices can vary)


ACT College Board:

Grades 10-12:  $56.50  (Prices can vary)


SAT College Board:

Grades 10-12:  $54.50





AA-YP Dual Enrollment HomeEducation

  • Same fee schedule as AA-YP Academy Tuition


AA-YP Open Dual Enrollment

  • Contact administrator 


AA-YP Open On-line Academic Pipeline Courses

  • Contact administrator


AA-YP Open Career On-line Courses

  • Contact administrator


AA-YP Open On-line Lecture Series

  • Contact administrator


AA-YP Open Leadership Seminars/Interships

  • Contact administrator


** Open **

means students from other schools can take courses for credit or non-credit


** On-Line Courses **

Books are included in the fee





AA-YP HomeEducation Cover per year

Grades K-5:  $2,000

Grades 6-12:  $3,500 





AA-YP Academic, Leadership, & Financial Assistance Scholarships

Partial and full academic, leadership, and financial assistance scholarships and tuition discounts are offered when funds are available.  If scholarship funds exceed AA-YP tuition fees, the remaining funds will appy to ABeka Book Fees.  See the administrator for details. 

AA-YP Application Fee

Grades 6-8:  $35

Grades 9-12: $45 (Cumulative GPA 3.00)

Grades 9-12:  $55 ("         "  GPA below 3.00)


AA-YP Registration Fees

AA-YP Books & Testing Fees

AA-YP Dual Enrollment Fees

AA-YP HomeEducation Fees

Investing in GREATNESS!

AA-YP can accept scholarships from organizations for educating students.
Please click the 2020-2021 list of Participating Non-Public Schools below, which shows
The American Academy for Young Professionals listed by the Alabama Department of Revenue.

Non Discrimination Clause

AA-YP does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), disability, in any of its activities or operations.

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