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"Formed in the spirit of individualized student achievement, advancement, creativity, leadership, excellence, and service!"


The American Academy for Young Professionals is Alabama's boutique education model for private middle/high schools that specializes in individual student achievement, advancement, and leadership development.  Our main niche is being able to transform our system to facilitate each student's individual academic and leadership needs.  It is our belief that a student in middle school should be preparing for high school and a student in high school should be preparing for college, a career institution, entrepreneurship, or immediate employment.  Classroom overcrowding and teaching everyone the same skills, especially at the high school level, is proving impractical and disastrous.  AA-YP students are being educated as individuals and empowered for their individual success tracks. 


       "Leaders are not born leading, they are developed."


Our core values are love for God, respect for others, encouragement, accountability, excellence, learning, excelling, integrity, generosity, service, and innovation.  These are not only for the administration, but for the students, parents, and partners of AA-YP.  Each one of these values make for an outstanding enviornment for the teacher and the student.  That is why everything done at AA-YP revolves around these divine core values. 


AA-YP is open to any parent(s);  however, this is a CHRISTIAN academy and at the core of all the instruction is the Lordship of Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit's guidance for success in education and life.  Although we respect individual rights of people, when it comes to this academy's stance on education and leadership success from a biblical foundation there is no negotiation.  Once again, we welcome all parents and their precious students, but we do have specific beliefs, standards, and regulations which make us who we are as an education alternative in the world.


We are excited that 70% of AA-YP graduates receive either full or partial scholarships to college.  No graduate can graduate from the academic division with less than a 3.00 cumulative grade point average.  Hence, 100% of graduates possessed a 3.00 or higher.  Statistics show that students who graduate from high school with GPAs lower that a 3.00, no personal character/discipline, no clear career goal, nor leadership development will have a very difficult time adjusting to the rigors and demands of college.  As a result, many will stop attending college after the first semester.   The combination of ACT Scores, great GPAs on transcripts, and outstanding leadership resumes have allowed AA-YP  students to attend college on scholarships. 


AA-YP opened it's doors in the western section of Birmingham, Alabama with one goal in mind - provide instruction and opportunities that build student academic prowess,  provide academic advancement, develop student leadership, help them envision their future, and remind them of their responsibility for securing that desired future.  This is the only leadership middle/high school of this type in the city of Birmingham.  This type individualized attention and specialized academically driven leadership academy is almost impossible for the majority of students to receive in most American schools, whether public or private.  When the school opened, the first goal was to enroll only four pilot students and no more.  Then, after the first senior graduated from AA-YP,  he was to be tracked throughout his first year of college.  This was critical to see if this method and model of education really worked.  Praise, Jesus it did!  This student completed his freshman year maintaining a 3.00 grade point average at one of the nation's preimere private colleges in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  He graduated from this prestigious college with honors and became the student body president in his junior year. Today, AA-YP continues to track graduates through their first year of college.  Statistics show that students who successfully complete their first year of college have a higher probability of completing their college careers.   


Keep it small!  Keep it student focused!  Keep it simple!!  Keep it creative!!  Keep it innovative!! Keep it evolving for student mastery, growth, leadership, and success!!   Additionally, hit the road and learn from seeing and doing, too!   If we are to serve each of our students at the highest level possible, then AA-YP must keep the classes small - not exceeding twelve students per teacher.   AA-YP is a boutique education model and provider, with a boutique education perspective.



AA-YP MUST & WILL BE INTENTIONAL!!!   As we advance into the future, AA-YP must and will continue to intentionally innovate and create pathways for EACH STUDENT to develop and achieve academic and leadership success.  Whether enrolled in AA-YP's Pre-High School Division, the Pre-College Division, Leadership Division, Dual Enrollment Division, HomeEducation Division, or the Summer Enrichment Division, each student is expected to do their part to excel.  Every year will be new and different, because each year the student's needs will change, and it is our responsibility to facilitate those changes for maximum success.  Our mission and intention for the future remains clear and constant - DO WHAT IT TAKES TO EDUCATE & DEVELOP OUTSTANDING STUDENTS!  

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Non Discrimination Clause

AA-YP does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), disability, in any of its activities or operations.

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