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FUNdraising Kick-Off

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Brand Marketing:  Lawanda Baker, CEO LB Graphics &  Design 

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Brand Marketing:  Yakima Adul Ali, CEO SheCEO Global

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Customer Service:  Nesa Smith, CEO Nuance Global

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Education Branding:  Dr. Juliet L. Arrington, President AA-YP, Inc.  

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Nonprofits & LLCs:  Dr. William Paul, President Church on the Road/PC Realty

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Presidential Lifetime 

Achievement Award 


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Presidential Education Excellence Recipients

Student Global Community Service Awards


Queens Committee & Volunteers


AA-YP Advisory Board, Administration, Queens Committee, & Volunteers


The Artists & Entertainment

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The Beauty of YOU!  You are beautifully and wonderously made by God.  Grow and develop every beautiful part of YOU!!!!!       

AA-YP Alumni (2006)

Justin Arrington

Degree Business Administration 


Resides:  Santa Clarita, CA

Singer, Producer, and Entertainer featured on

Classic Narration of

Twas the Night Before Christmas (A Visit from St. Nicholas)

by Musical Composer Chad Olivera

AA-YP Alumni (2013)

Alisha Jenkins 

Degree in Broadcast Communication



Atlanta, Georgia

Masters Degree in Film 

New York Film Academy


Teenage History Maker 

#1 Teen Female Lacrosse Player in the USA & Internationally

Kaylen Gaines is already recognized as the State of Alabama's best teenage/female Lacrosse player.  Now, she adds to her athletic resume.  Kaylen has been recognized as the international and national number one teenage lacrosse player in her division, as well as the first black female lacrosse athlete to receive this honor.  Despite injuries to her body and sometimes cruel/jealous treatment by opponents who play her sport, God has caused her to prevail and soar as an athlete. Kaylen has traveled the breathe of the United States with her Mountain Brook team.  We celebrate this younglady and her dedication to her sport.  We expect college scholarship offers to flood her.  Great things are in store for Kaylen!!!!  AA-YP celebrates with you!!!!!!    #ThisBlackGirlROCKs

Congratulations to Birmingham's

New & Youngest Mayor:  

Mayor Randall Woodfin

      Mayor Randall Woodfin is indeed a history maker in Birmingham politics and leadership on many levels.  Defeating an incumbent mayor with a tremendous track record of service and leadership, being a first-time mayorial candidate, the youngest candidate to ever be mayor of Birmingham, being a single man, running one of the best year long door-to-door grassroots campaign, and honoring past mayoral leadership, this young leader has proven himself RARE and READY. His Inaugural Speech echoed his platform regarding city officials/workers working together for the citizen's benefit, a commitment to servant leadership at the community level, education priority, neighborhood revitalization, prosperity opportunity for citizens, and taking Birmingham to the TOP!  


    There is sense of TRUE EXCITEMENT in the air and a spirit of determination to move the city and ALL its' people forward in new and productive ways, while remembering past achievements that have laid a solid foundation for the future.  


AA-YP salutes our new mayor, and pray for God's Holy Spirit to cause him to be a great leader for the citizens of Birmingham.    #MayorRandallWoodfin

AA-YP's East Campus


AA-YP's East campus now houses grades K3 - 12th.  AA-YP is positioning itself to serve the nation's finest leaders.  Our new site will lend itself to limitless capacity to serve not only students who attend AA-YP, but any student who wants to be a part of what our academic and leadership community offers.  Help us SPREAD the WORD about this boutique education provider!!!!!!!!  Enjoy a few pics from an intimate time with board members and families.  

In the Spring of 2018, AA-YP's East Campus will enroll twelve students per grade level.  We serve students in grades 7-12.  However, we will not enroll any seniors, unless they have been in the ABeka Curriculum in the 11th grade.  



A Creator’s Connection


The artist did not draw

Without words, she wove a spell

She poured her heart into something raw

But sweeter than the sound of a ringing bell

Her name was I

And when I was burned by human indifference

She put her heart to something that would never lie

Took up brush and pen and crafted her resilience 

No human expectation satisfied I

Only that of another creator

They forged a bond that could not die

And together they painted new reality


My name is Ilse Hill. I am the youngest of five girls born to Liberian parents. My family has taught me a passion for the arts as well as world travel. I learn daily, from my sisters’ experiences and struggles and grow through them. I hope to pursue architecture and graphic design in the future and have already started my general artistic journey. Through art, I have seen a beauty in the world that I never noticed or appreciated before. I want to share that beauty. I hope one day to share that with Liberia and use it to appreciate even more cultures. Above all else, I wish to grow God’s kingdom and show his light through my artwork and character and through my relationships. 




President Barack Obama

Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award






December 2016 Recipients:

AA-YP Superintendent - Mr. Kevin G. Arrington

AA-YP Administrator - Dr. Juliet L. Arrington

December 16, 2016 is a date that the superintendent and the administrator of The American Academy for Young Professionals (Gr. 6-12) will always remember.  It was the date scheduled for the arrival of the officiant who would present them with the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award and Presidential Medals given by President Barack Obama.  As Dr. Jaqueline Mohair from Atlanta, Georgia read the letters signed and sent to the two by the president, both sat in awe and gratitude.  The evening was filled with excitement for the pair who were being recognized  for their over thirty years of leadership and contributions in ministry, education, and service.  "These honors from President Obama are the Lord’s doing; for that, we are overjoyed and thankful!”  


Mr. & Dr. Arrington are humbled and more determined to continue using their talents, education, creativity, skills, gifts, resources, and abilities to serve and make their community, state, nation, and world greater.  "We hope that this will inspire AA-YP students, parents, and others to stay committed to the things God has called them to do to empower, build, and serve others.  Heaven sees, and God ALWAYS rewards!!!"


Congratulations to Mr. Arrington and Dr. Arrington


Students are "Going the Distance to Serve!"

AA-YP students are taking to the road to coach, mentor, and engage public speaking skills as a way to offer community service to other students.  


Their first event was at Integrity Christian Academy in Birmingham, Alabama.  Presentation topics were "Friendship" and "Bullying."  The presenters were Jamilah Matanmi, FreDetrice Borden, and Cheyenne Gaines.  


This was an exciting time to see the students take command of their presentations, the creative manner in which they interacted with students, and the professionalism that they displayed during and after the event.  


Serving others by empowering them is the hallmark of a true servant leader.  These young ladies did an outstandig job serving the students at ICA.  




1st COSMOS Presenter:  Jamilah

Topic:  "Friendship"

 2nd COSMOS Presenters:  

The Tag Team

Cheyenne & FreDetrice

Topic:  "Bullying"

Thanks, ICA, for letting us serve you!

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