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The Hero's Journey:

Individuality - Preparation - Service


When greatness calls, you will have to leave enviornments that are 

ineffective, familiar, or even comfortable.  


You must engage all new enviornments, processes, and opportunities to develop yourself.


All the success(es) that you have achieved is(are) not for you, only.  Your successful life is an offering designed to serve others.  

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Who is a Hero?

A hero is simply the person who has embraced, developed, and trained their unqueness for the good of others.  Often heros were considered the least likely ones because of the disadvantage they suffered in life.  

Who Needs a Hero?

Everyone needs a hero!  Because everyone needs a hero, then everyone should become a hero.  Heros do not strive to be like someone else.  They have learned that their abilities and gifts are to serve others.  Heros inspire everyone to become the SUPER HERO that they were born to become and to always be ready to help others.

The Last Hero

His life and journey have been told for over two thousand years.  The training and price that Jesus paid to rescue all humanity from the oldest enemy and dark forces makes Him the greatest and most powerful hero that will ever exist.   No enemy can defeat Jesus nor those who belong to Him.  He is the ONLY hero ever to totally defeat the devil and every evil force, forever.


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